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1. What is your Discord Username? J0sh#4741
2. What is your current Minecraft IGN? PossiblyGG
3. How old are you? 14, 15 this Friday
4. What is your timezone? GMT
5. Where do you live? (USA, EU, AU, ETC) EU
6. What other servers have you been staff on and what staff position? GraystoneMc:
I was the staff manager on this server for around 2 years. I would handle everything from
training staff, accepting staff applications and even controlling corrupt staff members. From time to time I would also log into the server to catch and punish hackers. This server received 100 players daily with a highest playercount of 650.

I used to own this server. I run everything from server side to in game hackers and bugs. I built the server from the ground up and gained help from some good friends along the way. The server however, did not take of as I would have liked it to. We gained around 3-5 players a day with a highest of 15.

I used to be an admin here. I banned hackers, fixed bugs, managed chat and owned the store. This server taught me everything I know now. It received 300 players daily and had a highest playercount of 1200.
7. Have you ever been punished on ZoraPvP before? No
8. If you have been punished on ZoraPvP, why were you punished?
9. Do you have a working microphone and can talk to us? Yes 
10. Can you record hackers at a reasonable frame rate? Yes 
11. What skills do you feel you have that will help the Community? Communication: I have a lot of communication experience from being in both the Police cadets and the scouts. Since joining the Police Cadets my confidence has gone up so much and I can now talk to people so much easier.

After being a staff member on multiple servers and running a lot of servers I know many things. I know server side administration, in game administration, forums moderation and in game moderation. Having banned a lot of hackers I've been around hacks a lot therefore I know the difference between hacks and a really laggy player. I can easily screen-share players, responds to forum threads and how to give constructive criticism where needed.

I'm talking about emotional and mental strength rather than physical. I know what type of messages to ignore and which ones to challenge. Any messages that I do decide to challenge are always taken professionally and seriously. I like to take constructive criticism so I can make myself a better person however I ignore criticism that doesn't help me become a better person.

Honesty: I am a very honest person. I believe that in order to become more respected and trusted in life you have to be honest with both other people and yourself. If I make a mistake I will always own up to it and try to correct myself without blaming someone else. I will always be honest, if I see a donator or a friend hacking I will not take it lightly and still punish them accordingly. Although I am only 14 I have always been honest and it's gotten me very far. Honesty is one of the most important things to me, it's the first thing I look for when I meet a person.

Teamwork: I love teamwork, it's important to me as it allows people to do jobs better and get to know each other more. Teams I have been a part of range from school, Scouts, Sports teams and the Cadet group I am a part of. I have worked in teams for years and have gained so much experience from that. I know how to work in teams, how to make someone a team player who wasn't necessarily before and know how to be respectful towards other people.
12. Do you know any of our current staff members? Not personally
13. Are you currently staff on any other servers? Yes, my own server however the playercount is low and I have a staff team that can take care of everything if i were to become staff here, no conflict between the two servers would happen. 
14. What languages can you speak fluently? English
15. Why do you think you would be a good fit for staff? I think I would be a good fit for the moderator position firstly due to the skills I previously mentioned (My knowledge, communication and strength.). All three of these skills are essential when being a staff member as they allow you to do your job easier.

I also believe that I would be a good fit because I am willing to contribute a lot of time to making the server a better place, this entails helping players on discord, the forums and in chat and not just catching hackers and handling chat offences (Although these are vital parts of being a staff member.)

Another reason I believe I should become a moderator is because of how spontaneous I am. I am very careful in gathering evidence and therefore the amount of false bans I have will be very very little.

The final reason I believe I should become a staff member on the network is due to my past experience. I know a lot about screensharing, how to handle certain in game situations, how to efficiently catch hackers and how to communicate to others with ease.
16. Please give us any other information you might think is useful for us to know. Days and hours I can be online

Monday - 4:20 pm - 10 pm
Tuesday - Unavailable
Wednesday - 3:15 pm - 10 pm
Thursday - 3:15 pm - 10 pm
Friday - 2:00 pm - 11 pm
Saturday - 10:30 am - 12 pm
Sunday - 10:30 am - 12 pm