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First of all I want to say "Hi" to everyone reading this staff application.


1. What is your Discord Username?

2. What is your current Minecraft IGN?

3. How old are you?

I am currently 16 years old. My birthday is on August 3.
4. What is your timezone?

5. Where do you live? (USA, EU, AU, ETC)

I live in EU. I live in a country called "Belgium".
6. What other servers have you been staff on and what staff position?

AuroraMC -> This was a popular server. On this server you had practice and hardcore factions. I started as Trial-Mod and I made my way up to Admin.
VoltanePvP -> This was a server where you can play hardcore factions on. It had 500 players on start of the world. On this server I started as Moderator and worked my way up to Admin.
HauntedMC -> This was a Dutch network, they changed their name to Haunty MC. I was moderator on this server.
As you can see I have a lot of experience. On the three servers above, I made sure no one was disrespecting the server rules. I had the most online time and in two of the three servers I got promoted to admin. The other staff members complimented and thanked me a lot.
7. Have you ever been punished on ZoraPvP before?
No, I have never been punished on ZoraPvP and this is never going to happen in the future.
8. If you have been punished on ZoraPvP, why were you punished?
9. Do you have a working microphone and can talk to us?
Yes, I do have a good working microphone. The name of the microphone is Blue Snowball. Here is a link:
10. Can you record hackers at a reasonable frame rate?
I can record in 1080p60. Here is a recent video I made ->
11. What skills do you feel you have that will help the Community?
I will be very active on the server. On a working day I will be online for 5 hours and otherwise 12+ hours per day. If I see a player on the server disrepecting the server rules, I will give him his deserved punishment. I will make sure every player is respecting the server rules. 
Everyone on the staff team can count on me. And they can contact me whenever it is needed.
12. Do you know any of our current staff members?
I do not know any of the current staff members, but I am someone who makes friends quickly so I will be fine.
13. Are you currently staff on any other servers?
I am not.
14. What languages can you speak fluently? 
English and Dutch.
15. Why do you think you would be a good fit for staff?
As I said earlier on this application, I will ensure that every player respects the rules. If some players are disrespecting the rules, I will give the player his deserved punishment. I am not very good at screen sharing yet, but I am someone who learns things quickly and I will make sure I understand this as fast as possible. And the staff team can always contact me when it is needed. I have a huge online time.
16. Please give us any other information you might think is useful for us to know.
My name is Vince, I live in the small country called "Belgium" and I am 16 years old. In school I study computer science and I am learning how to program. I am in love with computers and I spend most of my days using it. I used to play football in a club or a team, but I stopped playing football because I love to skate with my friends. In school, I am a good behaved student and I have never been punished in school.

Thank you for reading my staff application

I hope to hear from you soon